Thursday, June 7, 2018


Summer is pretty much here.  Officially, we still have two weeks, but the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has begun to turn and my personal schedule is filling up much faster than I'd like.

I'm finding that I have increasingly less free time and the little time I do have, I'd prefer not to spend indoors.

I work at what is essentially a tourist attraction, so this is our peak season.  Summer projects are ramping up and with that comes overtime and exhaustion. I also have a 9 year-old daughter, and she's experiencing the transverse of what I am-- increased free time with ample opportunity for fun and adventure.

With fear setting in that my project completion date might come and go before I know it, I really wanted to take some action that will give me a sense of progress and accomplishment. 

I came into a little bit of extra cash.  Not a lot, but for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, it was a pleasant predicament to find myself in.  After using part of it responsibly to tackle some bills, I found myself with about $250 unaccounted for.

I decided I would take the two tracks that are already completed and pay to have them setup with CDBaby to release as singles.

The total cost for taking care of both tracks was just shy of $70.  There were some restrictions with regard to the cover song, but here's what that included:

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The fee also included a charge that cover's the licensing of the cover song.   When I get home, I'll have to prep the songs to upload and ensure that they're completely finished.   I'll have to create some album artwork as well and upload all of the pertinent track information.

I used the remaining funds to purchase 3 additional drum libraries for EZDrummer2, the software that essentially acts as my drummer.  I did this to encourage myself to continue to create and work toward my goal of releasing an album's worth of material by late August.

Hopefully, this motivates me to keep plugging away.  I'll probably work on creating some sort of Youtube video for the songs.  Who knows, this could even help to contribute financially to the project!

A lot still lies ahead.  But this is another step forward.  And moving forward is what it's all about. 

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