Sunday, May 27, 2018


June is a mere few days away.

I'm starting to get nervous about reaching my initial goal for this project.

The prospect of finishing writing and recording 10 new songs and having them ready for release in just under 3 months feels a little unrealistic right now.

Right now, I've got 2 songs fairly well done and a third song that is in the works-- written, but a fairly long ways from being considered 'done'.

I've got a lot of options right now.  The first option in front of me is the easiest-- just give up.  Pack up the music gear and stuff it back in the closet.  Pretend none of this ever happened. I've already got two recordings done that I'm fairly proud of, so that would be a waste of effort, and disappointing, too.

The next option is to just scramble to meet the deadline.  Slop together 10 songs as fast as I can. If I go that route, I might feel the satisfaction of making my goal-- but I suspect I won't be proud of the material itself.  Ultimately, this route seems likely to discourage any further attempts at producing new material.

So, I think what I will do is a compromise that will eventually get me to my original goal. I'm going to put out a series of EPs containing 2-5 songs each.  Collectively, the 3 or 4 EPs will combine to represent a body of work that comprises of 12 or so songs.  Maybe 2 original songs and one cover song on each release.  We'll see how that works.

I'm going to try to knock out two more songs, which would put me at 3 originals and a cover, and try to get that out before the end of June.  I don't think I will physically release these until I've compiled  more than 10 tracks.

Stay tuned.  Things are always changing.  We'll get there. Keep your head down.

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