Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Album Artwork       Album Artwork

The first two tracks of my new project have been finalized and submitted to CDBaby!

It feels great to have made a significant step forward.  I'm hoping to capitalize on this momentum by writing and recording more material.  I'm especially pleased that I managed to accomplish this during an extremely busy period.

It goes to show that, if you make your goals manageable and attainable, nothing can get in your way.  I wasn't afraid to modify my original goal-- that is where many people, daunted by the enormity of their goal, assume it's easier to simply throw in the towel.

Maybe two singles, one being a cover song, isn't a tremendous achievement. I'll be the first to suggest it is not, but there's not denying the fact that it's progress.  A few short weeks ago, I had nothing.  Now my project has two releases under it's belt that will soon be available on numerous digital retail sites.

I'll have more time this weekend to devise and refine the next step of my goal.  I'm going to have to figure out how best to market these singles while still staying focused on creating more material.

 I've really been reveling in the anonymity of this project.  I want people to think this is a full band and I almost would prefer that my involvement be obscured. I want people to discover these songs organically, without me shoving it in anyone's face.  Still, I will need to make sure that its out there and easy to find.

More to come this weekend. Stay tuned!

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