Monday, June 25, 2018


My first two singles have been approved by CDBaby and are already live on many of the popular digital retail sites. Both tracks are searchable on iTunes & Amazon and I just uploaded these videos to YouTube.

They're not necessarily videos-- I just used the simple cover art I made for the Bittersweet Smile single and applied it to a new project in Mixcraft as the video content with the song playing underneath. 

I don't have the time, energy, money or interest to make a proper music video, but I did want to make sure I had the songs readily available on that flatform. YouTube is one of the most popular and accessible websites on the planet.

I honestly haven't considered how I plan to market these songs yet. I want people to hear them. I've been fighting the idea of having any sort of identity for this project whatsoever. Part of me wants to take on the challenge of getting these songs heard without any identity beyond the nom de plume The Brave Companions. 

That's terrible advice for anyone trying to make a living in the music industry-- I understand that.

There isn't any timeline attached to this project.  There will be no tour promoting this project.  It's beginning to feel like the concept behind this project is creating entertainment content that only exists in the digital universe.  

The truth is, I have the luxury of being able to experiment with the marketing of this project.  I'd be curious to see if I can prove to myself that I'm capable of making a living creating music from the comforts of my own home. 

It's an exciting point in the project timeline and I won't have time to dedicate to writing and recording until next week. I'll have plenty of time to scheme up how best to get these songs heard in the meantime. 

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