Friday, April 20, 2018


Last post I shared a cover of Tom Petty's "Learning to Fly" that I have been working on for the past few weeks.  Since then, I have removed the track and done considerable editing and production.  I've re-uploaded it again, but there are still a few more tweaks that I want to make before I consider it 'done'.

Initially, I started recording that track to familiarize myself again with the recording process. However, I'm so pleased with how the track is shaping up that I have decided to include it on my forthcoming album.

This process has reminded me of a lot of things integral to the recording process. Additionally, it has boosted my confidence.  As the song began to take shape, I was quickly reminded that I can do this.  I was reminded that this is a process.  Making an album is a journey.

I'll be turning 36 in late August.  I haven't released an album in 8 years.  I've decided that I will set a goal of releasing a full length album before August, 20th 2018.

Since I took that initial step toward my goal, the objective feels much more tangible. That gives me roughly four months to put everything together.  At this rate, I figure I can record 3 songs per month and hit my goal.

I plan to do a few more edits this weekend, but I fully expect the track to be done before Monday.  I've already laid the framework for the next song I plan to record.  I have 4 original songs in the chamber, previously demoed and ready to be recorded properly.  That still leaves 6 original tracks to be written and recorded, which is a lot of work, but I feel so much more motivated than I did just a few weeks ago.

I'll post the finished version as soon as its completed.  The lessons to take away from this are that you need to be flexible with your plans, but that you also should break things into bite sized tasks to  prevent feeling overwhelmed. Take that first step and don't focus so hard on the end result. 

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