Monday, February 19, 2018


You're going to find that I share a lot of posts from Derek Sivers' blog here.  Not just because Derek is brilliant with a wealth of experience in the music industry, but because you're not likely to find someone who has experienced as much success as Sivers that is also anxious to share his experience with those of us that need it.

In a series titled "The Mindset of Making Music", the piece "Rock Stars Have a Boss?" shares a story from Derek's early years working for a music library where he came to the realization that rockstars often have to answer to a boss-- or bosses, in many cases.

He goes on to explain that, with the advent of the independent musical revolution, you truly have the opportunity to be your own boss.  Still, many people act beholden to some form of a 'boss' or larger company.

Maybe this isn't necessarily advice so much as it is a reminder to keep your vision as the top priority in your career. Sometimes it helps hearing information you already have come from someone else's brain.

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